Customer Testimonials

"The starry has put me into a different realm and I only took a few draws and put it down"



I love this vape! I don't have to wait forever for the right temp, even the high settings. So easy to use and works perfectly. Can't wait to grab extra bits for it and play around. Customer service was INCREDIBLE! Highly recommended


So so happy

I purchased this from my hospital bed, had it setup and vaping in 10 minutes. Superior product, solid design and cool to vape from. Highly recommended in every aspect.

*a** Brisbane. Purchased Alien Attck Bundle

 I tested Yocan Torch and I was stoned as fxxx.

B****, Brisbane

Awesome service from you guys! I appreciate it and will most definitely be doing business with you again.

Pxxxxx - Alice Springs


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Why Choose Organic E-Juice?

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How to Buy Portable Herbal Vaporizers

Guide to choosing a portable vaporizer inAustralia

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