7 Advantages of Herbal Vaporizers over Smoking

Use less material 
Vaporizing the active ingredients in your material is a great way to extract the active ingredients (CBD, THC & other Cannabinoids) intact, the vapor inhaled when using a vaporizer can contain up to 80% active ingredients. In contrast with smoking where up up to 50% of the active ingredients can be lost to combustion. This means that you can obtain the same amount useful compounds from a smaller amount of material than is possible by smoking.

More flavor 
Vaporizing dry herbs and concentrates enables the user to enjoy the terpenes and savor the different flavors and aromas the flower has to offer and has a better depth of flavor than simply smoking.

It's Discreet
Lighting up or pulling out a rig or pipe in public is usually something you would think twice about, but due to the low key appearance and low odor of modern vaporizers and the rise of other vape devices
the overwhelming majority of people would not think twice when seeing someone use the device.

No more rolling or looking for a lighter or somewhere to hide before you can start your sesh just load the heating chamber, dial in the desired setting and you're away.

More freedom
Hire car company's, hotels, etc. generally frown upon smoking inside but with vaping who is to know that it ever occurred if there's no discernible smell or butts/roaches left behind for anyone to find.

Less harmful chemicals 
Due to the absence of the chemical reactions that take place during combustion, the vapor you inhale when using a vaporizer contains far less of the harmful chemicals that are produced during smoking.

Less Waste 
Say goodbye to disposable lighters, rolling papers and roaches
disposable lighters are a real ptoblem creating hundreds of tonnes of landfill each year with vaporizes there is no need for lighters helping to reduce waste.
With vaporizers you never need to roll so theres no need to worry about where your going to put that roach out when you're done.

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