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Healthy, Happy & High - The journey From Pipes, Bongs & Joints to Herbal Vaporizers

It was 8:00 am and I had just disembarked the school bus, across  the covered concrete walkway my friends waved to me, as I approached I noticed their excitement and the big grins on their faces. ''Are you coming'' one said ''where?'' I asked ''to smoke this shit'' he exclaimed as he pulled a small bag of cannabis from his pocket. ''hell yeah'' we proceeded to make our way into the bush land at the rear of the school where someone quickly fashioned a pipe from a soft drink can like some kind of magical enabling wizard.

All three of us proceeded to smoke that very small amount of heavily taxed cannabis, it all felt a bit risky at the time and its was all worth it. That was the way we started many a day from that point on and I'm sure that many people i grew up in Australia but i'm sure that many people from all over the world have shared a similar experiences.

Fast forward 18 years and I've consumed cannabis in more ways & settings than I can count, from the bucket bong that was a permanent fixture in the living room of a Brisbane share house to oil laced cigarettes in the middle of the ocean. In my early years it was all about recreational use but as I got older I found that using cannabis helped me in many ways that I wasn't even aware of and some that were more noticeable.

I first purchased a vaporizer in Brisbane 2004, it was a Vapir, it stood about a foot tall and needed to be plugged in to the wall to operate, it seemed to take a long time to heat and when it finally did it would burn the material inside, tasted like plastic most of the time and id always burn my hands on the cassette that you loaded the herbs into. I'm sure it had the desired affect but I could never tell due to the 5 bongs I had ripped just prior to using it. My housemates all thought it was a bit of a joke and I packed it in its bag and forgot about it............ Until


It wasn't until years later that I had the patience to actually learn how the device worked and thought I would try vaping dry cannabis again. By then the technology had come a very long way, what used to be the size of a 1 litre milk bottle and plug into a wall socket was now the size of a marker pen, ran of lithium batteries and took less than a minute to heat up enter the XMax V2Pro.

After about 3 times using the device I had the operation down and i was pleasantly surprised with the effects and taste. 2 weeks in I really started to notice a difference in my lungs and the amount of dry herb I was using to get the same result was roughly half, vaping was so discreet I could do it almost anywhere and I didn't smell like cannabis afterwards.

Since then I have used many different kinds of vaporizers for dry herbs wax and oil but the thing that they all have in common is their efficiency in extracting the active ingredient. Because combustion which is used in traditional methods of consumption such as smoking destroys so much of the active ingredient there is a lot of waste, whereas with a vaporizer the active ingredient is merely boiled and left intact as you inhale the vapor.

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Herbal vaporizers are a great way to access the active ingredients in dry herbs and the vapor you inhale contains a less potentially dangerous chemicals than smoking does. although the effects are not as immediately noticeable as a bong rip or toking on a joint within 10 minutes of commencing your vape session you will be well on your way to the desired result. not to mention the harm minimization that comes with vaping instead of smoking.

That is not to say that there isn't times especially in a social settings where passing a joint or a bong around a group of people or lighting up all by yourself isn't a beautiful, nostalgic part of cannabis culture. but replacing at least some of your smoking with vaping has definite economic, health and stealth benefits.


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