Herbal Vaporizers VS E-Cigarettes, Whats the Difference?

By now the majority of people are aware of vaping as an alternative to smoking.
Many of these devices look similar, in particular the portable ones, so what is the difference between vaporizers designed for dry herb / concentrate and vaporizers designed for e liquid?

Vaporizers designed for dry herb and concentrates work by using a heating chamber or convection heating to bring the material inside (dry herb, oil, wax etc.) to the boiling point of the active ingredients CBD, THC and other cannabinoids that you may wish to extract, these boiling points occur below the point of combustion. These devices produce a smaller thinner cloud which is sometimes not visible to the naked eye due to the small amount of active ingredient that is required to be vaporized in order to release the ingredients.
Combustion not only produces more harmful chemicals than vaporizing it also destroys a considerable amount of the active ingredients that you would much rather be inhaling.
Dry herb and concentrate vaporizers are more popular with people that enjoy cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes and do not wish to smoke it or people that require a discreet method of consumption.

E-Cigarettes, Mod Kits and atomisers / clearomizers are most commonly used as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. These devices work by heating a liquid to its boiling point to produce a vapor.
These liquids are usually comprised of Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Distilled water, Flavour and an active ingredient usually nicotine but sometimes They can be infused with decarboxylated cannabinoids this is far more common in jurisdictions where the use of cannabis products has been legalised.
Generally the clouds produced by these devices will be much thicker and larger than those produced by vaporizers designed for dry herbs, wax and oil, this is due to the fact that a much larger amount of liquid is
vaporised compared with herbal vaporisers. Although these devices are considered a safer alternative to smoking by many there are people (particularly in the cannabis community) who find the addition of the ingredients in e liquids undesirable.
despite this there are millions of people around the world use e-cigarettes daily without negative effects.

Herbal vaporizers and liquid vaporizers, although similar in name are used for converting totally different mediums from solids or liquids into vapor and both help the user to avoid the chemical factory that is combustion.

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