How to:  Clean & Maintain Your Portable Herbal Vaporizer

How to: Clean & Maintain Your Portable Herbal Vaporizer -

How to: Clean & Maintain Your Portable Herbal Vaporizer

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Keeping your Herbal Vaporizer Clean 

Is essential to ensure service life and performance. It is a relatively simple task, if done regularly it does not take much time. The effects of using a clean vaporizer and the benefits of extended service life are well worth the time and effort.

A clean vaporizer is an essential part of a good vaping experience no matter what type of vaporizer you have.

Most plant materials produce resin that sticks to the bake chamber, wool and gauze in your vape, restricting the airflow. Cleaning helps maintain the airflow your vaporizer was designed to provide and ensures that you get the intended effect from your device.

Vape Pro recommends cleaning your vaporizer after each use and emptying your vape after each session.

Your portable vaporizer will usually come with some cleaning tools for example a cleaning brush etc.

If you own a Vape pen  with exposed coils inside the heating chamber, it is important to be gentle otherwise you can break the coil

The below instructional shows how to clean the XVape Vital, Muse and Starry, but can be used as a reference for cleaning similar models of portable vaporizer.

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The enemy of your vaporizer is resin, this can be difficult to remove once it accumulates, Hence the importance of regular cleaning. There are a couple of ways to remove this. One is by using a can of air duster to blow out the elements of the vaporizer or use compressed air. This will clean some of the build up, but not all of it, it won't get into the tight spaces or clean your gauze. The best way to clean your portable vaporizer, is by using isopropyl alcohol, and a cotton tip and the brush provided with your unit.

 Items required to clean your vaporizer:

  • Paper towels or cloth
  • Cotton tips/ Ear cleaners
  • Small pipe cleaners
  • A toothpick, dab tool, or similar
  • Isopropyl alcohol

The parts that are going to need cleaning the most are going to be the mouth piece and the gauze and the bottom of the bake chamber. Emptying the bake chamber after each use while it is still warm will reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

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The mouth piece comes off easily and disassembles depending on your vaporizer. The mouth piece can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol and cotton tips. If you require a more natural alternative to isopropyl alcohol you can use boiling water and a small amount of dish washing detergent on a cotton tip.

  1. Remove the larger pieces of plant material with the brush or tooth pick. The dirtiest part will be the top of the bake chamber, the mouth piece and the gauze in the bottom of the bake chamber
  2. Take apart the pieces and clean with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton tip. Do not soak the mouth piece or the unit, doing this will destroy the electronic components and deteriorate the plastic reducing the service life of the mouthpiece and its parts. For really hard to clean places small pipe cleaners are a good idea.
  3. If some material still remains it is possible to cautiously use some folded up cloth wrapped around an electronics screwdriver. Dampen the cloth with some isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Reassemble the vaporizer and set to a low heat to evaporate any excess isopropyl alcohol, and you are finished.

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