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XMax and XVape Great Quality, Stealth, Feature Packed, Available in Australia

From the very beginning Vape Pro Australia have had a Vision to to make the harm minimization, convenience and discretion that vaping provide accessible to more people in More places around this great nation of ours. whether you live in Brisbane, Nimbin, Victoria Perth or anywhere in between. We pride ourselves on making great quality vaporizers available to our customers at affordable prices. Since starting our journey we have found that XMax and XVape devices are amongst the best and most versatile vaping products we have found have been integral to our ability to do this.

From the time that the first XMax V2Pro came across the desk in our office to the ever popular XMax Starry and the latest XVape FOG unit that we have had the pleasure to test we have been thoroughly impressed by the build quality, features, durability, ease of use, versatility and stealth benefits that these units provide, We look forward to getting our hands on some new generation XMax and XVape products such as the Vista Mini and the XMax Avant and giving them the seal of approval in time for the Australian summer.

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Vape Pro Australia tests all the units we sell thoroughly under Australian Conditions with the help of both genuine Australian medicinal Cannabis users and good old Aussie stoners alike. It never ceases to amaze us the level of use and punishment the Vape Pro Australia team and our testers are able to put XMax and XVape  vaporizer Units though and yet they still operate like clockwork.

The team at Topgreen Biotechnology where the XMax and XVape devices are designed and engineered have worked tirelessly to create products of the highest quality with useful and innovative features usually found in only the more expensive vaporizers in the market. We have to say that their dedication to producing user friendly products has been fantastic from the very beginning and focus on quality control is one of the highest standards we've seen from any manufacturer in the industry.

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At Vape pro Australia we dont just sell vapes we are passionate about the positive impacts that they have on our lives. Everything we sell hasn't just been been tested by us but also our friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. People whose opinions we value and trust. We firmly believe that this sets us apart from others and makes vape pro more than just another online vape store.


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