Manual Rosin Press

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Now you can have  your very own, Solvent less Do-It-Yourself at home Oil Extraction Machine. ''Don't risk physical injury or death because you have been caught using your someone's hair straightener to make concentrate''.  

precise control of heat settings between 200 to 300 degrees

LCD display

200W power 

Stainless steel heating plates


In minutes, you can take some nice sticky flowers, fold them in baking paper and with a momentary press the oils in your flower will extracted with just heat and pressure. 

No butane, no Isopropanol, no chemicals.

You can then easily gather up your freshly squeezed concentrate and vape it, load it on top of a bowl, enhance a cigarette, or even get culinary with it. With this Rosin, you can control your own medicine and know that it is truly solvent less

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