Volcano Classic & solid valve starter kit by Storz & Bickel

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Volcano Vaporizers are considered by some as the finest vaporizers in the world.

Built to last out of the best quality components, the volcano features precision temperature control and dependability never before seen amongst its competition. It is this that has given the Volcano a name in the industry as one of the most advanced table top vaporizers available.

Manufactured in Tuttlingen Germany a region which is synonymous with medical technology. The expertise available in this region has been readily applied in the Volcanos development and makes the volcano vaporizer a must have appliance for vaporizer users the world over. Storz & Bickels Volcano has been designed to heat material to between temperatures of 130°C to 230° C  and it is at these temperatures vapor containing active ingredients is produced. All of this takes place below the point of combustion when smoke is produced.

The industry leading design of the Volcano has been kept as simple and durable as is possible, only tried and tested components are used in its construction to ensure easy, reliable operation and longevity. One of the most recognisable features of the Volcano is the patented valve balloon which fills with vapor. balloon valve can be detached from the device after it is full and the contents inhaled at the users convenience.

The Volcano is a highly efficient vaporizer and is able to extract approximately 75% more active ingredient in comparison to traditional methods of inhalation.

The Volcano ships with all essential items you need to get started right away.

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